American Therapy Centers, LLC is a Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (C.O.R.F.) established to provide a continuum of care to the community. Our goal is to help patients return to a more active lifestyle. Many patients prefer a CORF facility simply because of the intimate setting and individualized care provided by an unhurried and personable staff.  Treatment programs are patient-focused, with expertly trained therapists providing one-on-one care. Individually tailored treatment, exercise and education plans are optimized to specifically fit a patient’s healthcare needs and home environment.  As a part of every program, educational instruction is provided to the patient about their injury or illness, rehabilitation program and goals for recovery.

In a CORF setting, patients have easy access to the facility and convenient parking. In addition, waiting times are often shorter at a CORF facility than a large medical complex. Patients will find there is also more flexibility in scheduling appointments.

We believe providing a successful rehabilitative program is a group effort. We are looking forward to working with you in achieving this goal!



7107 N. Wayne Rd., Westland, MI 48185


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